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The Holy Fire: Hitting Close to Home... In More Ways Than One

Fire season is in full swing here in California. Multiple wildfires are burning across the state from as far north as the Oregon border to as far south as the San Diego County line. Out of all the fires burning throughout the state, the one that has had the most impact in my area is the Holy Fire.

The Holy Fire started in Trabucco Canyon (commonly referred to as Holy Jim by the locals in OC) and has burned over 18,137 acres with only 5% containment. That is almost double the size from this time yesterday, when I posted a video about the fires and how they are affecting the riding areas that we enjoy here in Southern California. 

Over the last few days, the fire has spread from Orange County, across the Santa Ana mountain range, and down into foothills of Lake Elsinore and the Temescal Valley. This caused mandatory evacuations in multiple neighborhoods in the area including Horsetheif Canyon, Sycamore Creek and McVicker Canyon.

If you have followed my YouTube channel for a while (or you know me personally), you might know that I used to live out in Lake Elsinore. We lived there from 2006-2008, and for two of those years we lived in the McVicker Canyon area. It is a beautiful neighborhood, with scenic mountain vistas on one side and a spectacular view of Lake Elsinore on the other.

Photo: Google Street View

Photo: Google Street View

Out of all of the neighborhoods I have lived in, that area has been my favorite. You could imagine my shock and sadness yesterday when I started to see images like this one appear on Instagram:

Other photos on Instagram show flames literally at the gates of peoples back yards. I remember thinking back then about how horrible it would be if those hills caught fire one day; and it looks like that day has finally come. Here is a map showing the neighborhood and the fire perimeter:



Amazingly, there hasn't been any reports of homes in that area being damaged or lost due to the Holy Fire which is pretty incredible. As sad as it is to see the mountain and all of the trails we enjoy up there being destroyed by the wildfire, it is good to know that the communities closest to the fire appear to be safe for now.

Me going up Indian Truck Trail a few weeks ago. This is one of the areas impacted by the Holy Fire. Photo:  @geomotoadv

Me going up Indian Truck Trail a few weeks ago. This is one of the areas impacted by the Holy Fire.
Photo: @geomotoadv

With the fire only being 5% contained, there is a lot of potential for the fire to spread north or south along the mountain range. Hopefully the worst is over, but with the way the wind blows in from the ocean and over that mountain range anything is possible. Hats off to the firefighters out there working to protect my old neighborhood and surrounding areas. 

If there is any other news regarding the outcome of the Holy Fire, I will be sure to post about it here. For fire maps and information, please check out