new website

Welcome to Each Adventure

Welcome to the official website of Each Adventure! After a year and a half on YouTube, I finally decided that it was time to put together a website. Please feel free to have a look around and let me know what you think! 

While I never had any intentions of setting up a traditional blog, building this site really got me thinking about what I really want Each Adventure to be. The answer to that question isn't crystal clear in my mind yet, but one thing that is clear is that I want Each Adventure to keep progressing. YouTube has been great and I have received a lot of great feedback, but I really want to offer more than just a YouTube channel and other traditional forms of social media. This might come as a shock, but I am not a huge fan of social media. While it is convenient and widely used, I find it to be a bit impersonal, somewhat of a hassle, and extremely noisy.

When I started researching different ways I could build a website, it became clear to me that a blog was one of the best ways that I could share my stories beyond what I try and capture on my videos. While traditional social media is all about the now, a blog can be used to document my favorite rides, offer up my opinions and really connect with my audience. This will be a space to share pictures, stories, videos, reviews and anything else that I feel fits under the Each Adventure umbrella.

Thank you for checking out the site. I have a lot of ideas moving forward so please be sure to bookmark the site and check back often for updates!