royal enfield himalayan

Hump Day Rides with the Royal Enfield Himalayan

On most Wednesdays during the year, I try and attend a ride with a group known as the Flying Monkey Adventure Riders. These rides are known as "Hump Day Rides", and they are a great way to get out in the middle of the week to burn off the work week stress, build your riding skills, do some exploring and meet some awesome people. The ride location usually changes from week to week, but they typically take place somewhere between the cities of Corona and Temecula here in Southern California. Here is what a typical gathering looks like at a rides destination:


Aside from the good company and the awesome riding, one of the coolest things to see is just how many different types of bikes show up each and every week. I have seen just about every kind of bike attend these rides from my Chinese made CSC TT250 to a fully tricked out BMW R 1200 GS Adventure; and it's just frickin' cool. 

Jesse Kimball is the organizer of these rides, and the ride information can be found weekly on the Flying Monkey Adventure Riders Facebook page. He is also the organizer of the larger Flying Monkey Adventure Rally, which is a 3 day adventure motorcycling event that is held annually in Southern Utah. Jesse is a Kawasaki KLR650 fanatic, and he can usually be found riding said KLR650 like it's a 250cc dirt bike. Recently however, he picked up a brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan. Considering that I am a fan of small, simple and inexpensive motorcycles, the Himalayan immediately caught my attention. Here is Jesse riding the Himalayan on our most recent Hump Day Ride:


The Himalayan is a neat little bike, and it is really one of a kind in the ADV motorcycling space. At some point, I will have a chance to test ride the Himalayan and offer up my initial thoughts and first impressions. For now though, I wanted to share this awesome video Jesse posted of the Himalayan on our most recent ride.

This mix of back roads, fire roads, and the occasional technical offshoot is the type of riding we usually do on these Hump Day rides. This is also the type of riding is what the Royal Himalayan is perfect for; casual exploration with an emphasis on being being budget friendly, simple and practical. I have said it many times, but it doesn't take a big, fancy or expensive motorcycle to have an adventure; and the Himalayan is a perfect example of that.

Here is the Royal Enfield Himalayan in the rough stuff. Photo:  @geomotoadv

Here is the Royal Enfield Himalayan in the rough stuff.
Photo: @geomotoadv

No matter what you ride, I would highly recommend checking out the Flying Monkey Adventure Riders Facebook page and joining us on an upcoming ride in the SoCal area. You will see a lot of awesome bikes, meet a lot of awesome people, and have an awesome time.

See you on the trails!